Worries We Help With

Children and parents have great and small joys and sorrows. Mostly such emotions and feelings are welcome or at any rate bearable. Occasionally, for all sorts of reasons, they are not. Parents and children look to family, friends and their community for support. We are a community help called 'Plumstead' psychotherapy. This involves joining together to understand worries, how they hurt us and the way they block our potential for happiness and progress.

Here are some of the worries and difficulties we help with:

  • Concentration in class
  • Joining in at play time
  • Handwriting and recording work
  • Making friends and keeping them
  • Keeping up with schoolwork
  • Managing worries about school
  • Doing homework
  • Self image, self esteem and confidence
  • Organisation of books and equipment at school
  • Being willing to try
  • Short/long term memory
  • Problem solving
  • Getting ready for school on time
  • Getting changed for PE
  • Adapting to unfamiliar situations such as school trips
  • Accessing all areas of home and school
  • Coping when things go wrong
  • Participating in PE lessons and sports activities

Assessment may be carried out through play sessions, the use of standardised tests, observation (in the home or at school) and the analysis of professional reports.

Treatment is offered in the form of advice and consultation, therapeutic play or psychotherapy sessions. Details of this service are explained in the Letter of Engagement, which you can receive through e-mail or post by writing a message on the message board.

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Worries We Help With

Worries We Help With

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